Thursday, September 9, 2010


laurie, ryan and andrew, anne, jason, nathan and katy
this is us. the beginnings of the hamburg underground. we are a simple group. simply following jesus. months ago, he called us to leave our families and friends to move to hamburg, germany. a call that  will remain bitter sweet. but he called us none the less to love and serve the people of hamburg. to tell them of the grace and mercy of jesus. i am in awe of the chance to be with him. to learn from him. to join him in his mission among the countless nations, culture and ethnicities that have gathered in this city. we want you to know what jesus is doing as we see it and experience it in hamburg. thus this blog.
in just a few short weeks we will be on a plane to our new home. all we know that awaits us is the presence of jesus among new friends and family with hearts that beat as our own do with longing for jesus' kingdom coming to hamburg. we are expectant with hope, joy and faith. jesus loves this city. he is doing somethng powerful there and we will get to play a part in that. it's that thought that keeps me up at night staring at my ceiling, praying for my new home and the new friends and family that await me there. jesus is present in hamburg. we are going to discover what he is up to....and get with that.